Binocular Harness

If you use binoculars you will love a harness. I never took the binocular harness seriously until a couple of years ago when I purchased one off of Amazon, after friends raved about how comfortable they were. Now it’s my turn, using a harness instead of a strap around the neck or shoulder is so much more comfortable. I can often forget I have binoculars with me.

The Strap

The strap is a rudimentary way of carrying binoculars. First you are always aware of the weight around your neck. They constantly sway and bounce. When you bend over they swing away from your body, getting in the way or hitting another object. The one positive attribute for a strap is that, sharing binoculars is easy to hand from person to person, pre Covid.


North Mountain Gear Binoculars Harness | DSLR Camera Harness Strap | 4 Way Adjustable with Quick Release Buckles

With a harness the weight of the binoculars is distributed over your shoulders making them seem almost weightless. When you sit down or bend over they remain near your body. The harness can be worn outside of your jacket or inside if left unzipped. I use my harness with a backpack or daypack. I often leave the binoculars attached when getting in and out of my vehicle if I am birding. The harness keeps the binoculars out of the way for driving. Do you bicycle and bird, then a harness is what you want. At night I can observe with my telescope and have my binoculars with me and out of the way ready when needed but not hitting the telescope when I bend over.

Best Part

The best part is that, most are very reasonably priced. For about $20.00 you can get a good harness. I bought one a few years ago for about $18.00 and it is doing great. My personal preference is to have quick release clips. with the receiving clip having a loop that goes around the binocular strap mount.

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