Christmas 2020

I enjoy walking around the town square on Christmas day. I started this a handful of years ago, since there is little foot traffic and very few if any cars parked or driving through. To me this town is an iconic Holiday setting, with all the decorations and beautiful buildings. Elkhorn Wisconsin has been known as the Christmas card town. A title that, as I understand it, dates back to about 1952. In my mind it is a fitting description.

One of my favorite views this season was the newly place M-60 tank that was moved from Whitewater WI to Elkhorn, this past summer. Someone had placed a beautiful wreath on the gun barrel. Overnight some fresh snow had fallen and a little fog developed in the morning. I couldn’t help but take a few minutes and enjoy the moment. The tank is located on the town square in Veteran’s Park, surrounded by large oak trees and an amazing view if the local buildings.

More Images Of Elkhorn.

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