Ice Age Trail Whitewater Segment Fall Hike

A cool Fall Sunday morning and only one other vehicle at the Whitewater segment of the IAT on Clover Valley Road. I started my hike where we worked on the bridge and boardwalk the day before, replacing rotten and damaged boards as needed. It was a good time, we had a local Boy Scout Troop help as well.

It’s past the peak color time for trees in this area but the color as I hiked on this overcast morning was amazing.

This segment of the trail is fairly flat but does have some hills easily navigated with the steps and erosion controls for the trail. During the summer months this can be a busy area since the trail passes directly next to the Whitewater State Park campground. As with all the IAT I have been on it is well marked and easy to follow. As with most trails in Southern Wisconsin the trail is strewn with good size rocks to navigate over and around. It’s always fascinates me how the glaciers moved all this material and the changes to the landscape that they made.

Hiking in the direction I started (from Clover Valley Road), soon after the campground at the top of a hill you get a beautiful view of Rice Lake and Whitewater Lake.  A bench or two are available for a respite. 

Shortly before Easterly road the trail passes under a pine tree canopy giving the look of a tunnel entrance near the end. 

According the the GPS app I was trying out it was 2.9 miles from Clover Valley Road to Easterly Road. 

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