Walking Freemont Street-Las Vegas

Recently my wife and I along with a few friends, took a trip to Las Vegas. This has been the first trip or travel of any kind since last January, just before the Covid shutdown. The plane was packed with passengers and all were required to wear a mask. Being in a packed plane with so many fellow passengers wasn’t something that I even thought about pre-Covid, but now after a year of shut downs and social distancing, this seemed new again.

Las Vegas wasn’t as busy as it was during my previous visits. Social distancing and mask wearing were required almost everywhere in casinos and restaurants.

I left my camera in the room safe and used my phone to capture images and edit them. Walking Freemont Street and the strip is something I always enjoy. For me a must do is a reuben from Greenberg’s Deli with pastrami. I have been to Las Vegas a couple of times, to attend WPPI and I had a sandwich from Greenbergs Deli almost every day I was there.

I have enjoyed using my phone as a camera, more accurately using my camera as a phone. I really do use it more as a camera than a phone. For my black and white images, I used an Android app named Hypocam to edit the images captured with the phone camera. I like the look of how the app converts to black and white. I added grain to make my impression of Tri-X film.

The New York New York images was edited through Lightroom and the Topaz Studio 2 plugin.

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