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Carl (Kettlehiker)

This is a personal blog/journal that I have started many times. Covering many subjects such as, Hiking, bicycling, photography, astronomy, birding, beer and probably more.

Based in Southern Wisconsin. Exploring, discovering and sharing, great trails and spaces along with some great Wisconsin beer. From the Kettle Moraine to beer kettles, my goal is to share my experiences and joy of life, to help encourage others to live their dreams. So that they can inspire all of us to be better members and stewards of this world.

Many people like myself love exploring the back roads and trails of Wisconsin. We don't get to take months off from work and family to explore a trail or ride a bike across the country. We get a week or two a couple of times a year, along with two or three day weekends. More likely we get a few hours one day a week to get out and enjoy nature.

Once in a while we get to travel some distance to explore new areas but we always come back to our local area. I will focus on exploring Wisconsin and sharing tips and “skills” to enjoy life outdoors but I will also share my planning for, and my trips beyond Wisconsin.

I learn so much from other people and I look forward to learning from you as well. I am not an expert in anything, just someone who loves to learn and share. If you have ideas different than mine or just want to add a thought please leave a comment or send me an email. I am also on various social media.

I have two sons and 5 grandchildren that I hope to pass on my love of nature and the outdoors.

Please join me as I share some travel ideas, trips, skills, gear and motivation to enjoy the outdoors safely, comfortably, and well feed.





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My goal with adding advertising, is to try and make a little money. To help pay for a new piece of equipment or help pay for part of a trip. All images are mine unless otherwise noted.

kettlehiking.com  uses  affiliate links in posts where I recommend specific gear, tours, or activities. If you purchase something through one of my affiliate links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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